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How it Works: Samsung Magician 6 SSD Tool

Samsung recently updated a new version of their Magician tool which is compatible with all Samsung SSDs. Version 6 of Samsung Magician packs in a number of key benefits including SSD benchmarking, SSD firmware updates, drive status, drive over provisioning, SSD secure erase and much more. In this video we walk through all of this functionality with a Samsung 850 Pro and a Samsung 860 QVO.

What's new in Samsung Magician 6 -
- all new interface with a more intuitive SSD information display
- PSID Revert - initialize a drive after it's been locked by the OS
- Diagnostic scan - provides a detailed report on the state of the SSD
- Help function - more resources to help users with Magician

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How to Use Samsung's Data Migration Software | HDD to SSD OS and Data Migration

How To Use Samsung's Data Migration Software | HDD to SSD OS and Data Migration

Just a quick video on how to use Samsung's Data Migration Software version 3.1
This is an OS and data migration updated for 2020.

Link to the Samsung Data Migration Software 3.1:

USB to SATA adapter:

Current Samsung SSDs compatible with the Samsung Data Migration Software:
Samsung SSD 970 PRO Series
Samsung SSD 970 EVO Plus Series
Samsung SSD 970 EVO Series
Samsung SSD 960 PRO Series
Samsung SSD 960 EVO Series
Samsung SSD 950 PRO Series
Samsung SSD 860 EVO Series
Samsung SSD 860 PRO Series
Samsung SSD 860 QVO Series
Samsung SSD 850 EVO Series
Samsung SSD 850 PRO Series
Samsung SSD 840 EVO Series
Samsung SSD 840 Series
Samsung SSD 840 PRO Series
Samsung SSD 830 Series
Samsung SSD 750 EVO Series
Samsung SSD 470 Series

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How to migrate Windows drive to SSD with free Samsung Data Migration software - avoiding errors

How to migrate Windows drive to Samsung SSD with free Samsung Data Migration software and avoid errors so it works first time.

Here's the link for the Orico hard drive case:

Summary of steps:
Download and run Samsung Data Migration software.
Put your new SSD drive in a USB hard drive case and connect it to your PC.
Open a command prompt as administrator and run chkdsk.
Run chkdsk /f if any errors are found.
Close any cloud backup software such as Dropbox.
Close any messenger software such as Skype.
Close all programs other than Samsung Data Migration.
Enter Airplane Mode.
Disable your antivirus software until after next reboot.
Check the source and target disk are correct in Samsung Data Migration then start the migration.
When the migration has completed, shut down your system.
Physically replace your old disk with the new one.
Power on your system, check all programs you want are running including your antivirus.
Take the system out of airplane mode.

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